Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Frame Game

This is a medium shot of my cat, Rosa. The lighting is interesting because of how she is half in the light and half in the dark. It is a little bit of a low angle shot because you can see the floor in the foreground. You can also notice bins and boxes in the background. She is located on the left side of the frame so the viewer can see the rest of the room to the right and behind her. 

This is another picture of my dog Bailey posing in my backyard.  She is located mostly in the lazy frame but her head is more towards the left intersection. It is a closer medium shot just because it shows her whole body pretty close up. Although she takes up most of the frame, you can still see a lot in the background like the bushes, the neighbors house, and even the stop sign. 
This picture is a medium, low angle shot of my dog, Bailey.  Bailey is the main subject of this shot and she has a sense of power because she is on top of the stairs closest to the light. The stairs take up the foreground, while a lit wall is in the background.

This is an interesting long shot of the sky that I took while my mom and I were driving on the highway out of a very bad storm. The clouds or the truck would be the closest to being subjects. It is cool how you can see the normally colored clouds in the distance of this low angle shot.

This is a picture of my christmas tree in my family room. It is a medium shot and identifies the tree as the subject. The tree is illuminated and a lot more bright than everything else. It is interesting how it is next to a lamp but still is the room's source of light. The tree is also located on the left side so the viewers attention is drawn to it. 

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  1. generally good pictures and analysis. Let's call full body shots long shots, though.

    Glad to see you've caught up with Road work too.