Monday, September 30, 2013

Minority report pic #12

The screenshot alone adds a lot of suspense because it looks as if he's going to knock on the door or open it.
It's cool how the light is kind of blocked by his arm and it makes a shadow.
It's interesting how it doesn't show who's arm it is which also adds suspense.

It is a low angle shot and a close up.

During this scene, John Anderton is going to Leon crowes room and plans on not killing him but ends up doing it anyway.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oedipus the King/Minority Report Questions

1. Oedipus is not very responsible for his fate because he had no idea what he was doing when he first killed Laius and then married his own mother. Oedipus never knew his real parents were the king and queen of Thebes and he was only trying to escape the prophecy by leaving Corinth and traveling to Thebes. He should not be held responsible because Laius initiated the fight with him and Oedipus didn't know he was killing his own dad. He also didn't realize that he was marrying his mother, Jocasta,  because he just wanted to accept Thebes' offer to be their king.

2. Oedipus excels as a leader because he is very wise and seems to know everything. His one large flaw is how he doesn't know his true self. He had no idea that Laius and Jocasta were his true parents and made many mistakes in his life because of that. He also didn't know he was originally from Thebes and ended running away to his own downfall because of this.

3. Oedipus's most tragic and serious mistake is when he makes the decision to run away from Corinth and travel to Thebes. If he had stayed in Corinth with his adoptive parents he never would have fulfilled the prophecy and would've lived happy without killing his father and marrying his mother. Leaving Corinth lead him to killing his father, which led him to marrying his mother, which led to his tragic downfall.

4. The scene in Minority Report where John Anderton confronts Crow in the hotel but doesn't kill him refutes Oedipus's notion of destiny because even though Crow did die, it was by suicide and not by Anderton's actions. Burgess also escaped his destiny by not killing Anderton at the end and killing himself instead while his destiny was set on killing Anderton.

5. The PreCogs use the act of seeing to see the future and when a murder is about to take place. John Anderton uses new eyes to evade the security system that is trying to bring him in for murder. The culture of the world of the film uses eyes as a system of identity.

6. Many aspects of American culture that are set in the future contain similar features that are in the movie like flying cars, robots, and high-tech computers and technology. We are always preparing for better defense tactics in case of nuclear war or WWIII. Too much preparation to prevent something as bad as a WWIII may lead us right to the start of one.